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Premium Book

2019 Whidbey Island Fair Premium List

4H & Open Class Premium Book (Full 3MB)

All General Fair information and Rules, Including 4H

Fair Location Map
Fairground ABC's - Arena Barn & Campground Rules
General Rules & Minimum Animal Health Requirements

4-H Division

Welcome 4-Hers, Leaders & Parents
Superintendents abd Responsibilities
Fair & Entry Related Timeline
4-H Department Rules & Regulations

Department 101 - Family Living

Division A: Foods & Nutrition
Division B: Clothing
Division C: Needlework
Division D: Other Family Living

Department 102 - Expressive Arts & Mechanical Science

Division A: Applied Arts
Division B: Photography
Division C: Writing
Division D: Other Expressive Arts & Mechanical Sciences

Department 103 - Plant Sciences & Environmental

Division A: Plants & Environment
Division B: Gardening

Department 104 - Social Sciences & Educational Display

Division A: Social Science & Interdisciplinary
Division B: Educational Displays

Department 105 - Contests

Division A: Club Herdsmanship
Division B: Public Presentations
Division C: Judging Contests
Division D: Quiz Bowl
Division E: Performing Arts Contest
Division F: Home Ec. Contests
Division G: 4-H in Action
Division H: History Demonstrations
Division I: Round Robin Contest
Division J: Most Beautiful Animal Contest
Division K: Parade of Champions
Division L: 4-H Livestock Auction
Division M: Matched Pairs
Division N: FAB 14

Department 106 - Animal Science

Division A: Horse Showmanship
Division B: Performance Horse
Division C: Western Games
Division D: Beef
Division E: Dairy
Division F: Sheep
Division G: Swine
Division H: Goats
Division I: Poultry
Division J: Rabbits
Division K: Cavies
Division L: Dogs
Division M: Cats
Division N: Alpaca/ Llama

Open Class Division

Easy Entry
Open Class Superintendents
Open Class Entry Rules
Animal Pre-Entry Form

**Department 201 - Home Economics

Division A: Food Preservation
Division B: Baked Goods
Division C: Needlework
Division D: Quilting
Division E: Sewing

**Department 202 - Crafts & Hobbies

Division A: Fine Arts
Division B: Photography
Division C: Adult Arts & Crafts
Division D: Junior Arts & Crafts
Division E: Primary Arts & Crafts
Division F: Fiber Arts

Department 203 - Horticulture

Division A: Floral
Division B: Vegetables
Division C: Fruits
Division D: Herbs
Division E: Honey
Division F: Grains & Grasses

Department 204 - Agriculture

Division A: Vegetables
Division B: Fruits
Division C: Herbs
Division D: Honey
Division E: Grains & Grasses

Department 205 - Oenology & Zymurgy

Division A: Homemade Wine
Division B: Beer, Cider & Other

Department 206 - Educational Displays

Division A: Educational Displays
Division B: Robotics and Electronics

Department 207 - Contests & Other Activities

Division A: Fair Logo Design
Division B: Stick Horse Contest
Division C: Bunyon Buster Log Show
Division D: Parade
Division E: Passports
Division F: Lego™ Contest
Division G: Super 17 Challenge
Division H: Build a Birdhouse Contest
Division I: Fabulous 14 Challenge
Division J: Ag. Contests

Department 208 - Animals

Division A: Cavies
Division B: Sheep
Division C: Swine
Division D: Goats
Division E: Poultry
Division F: Rabbits
Division G: Cats

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