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Super 17 Challenge

And Fabulous 14 Challenge

Learn a lot, meet neat people, and win a HUGE ribbon!

Congratulations to Joanne Martinis & Sophia Paczinski, 2014 Super 17 Challenge & Fabulous 14 Challenge Winners!

Thank you to all our Challenge participants! Start now and join the fun next year! We are currently having a weekly workshop series every Wednesday at the Deer Lagoon Grange. Check out our Super 17 Challenge Facebook page to see what's happening!

Are you up for the challenge?

Rules & Tips

Be a lunatic! bring your entries next year!

The Goal

Enter one exhibit in each of the following 17 divisions:

Department 201A Food Preservation
Department 201B Baked Goods
Department 201C Needlework
Department 201D Quilting
Department 201D Sewing
Department 202A Fine Arts
Department 202B Photography
Department 202C Adult, Arts, and Hobbies
Department 202F Fiber Arts
Department 203A Floral
Department 203B Vegetables
Department 203C Fruits
Department 203D Herbs, Spices, Cured Items
Department 203E Honey
Department 203F Grains and Grasses
Department 204A Homemade Wine
Department 204B Beer, Cider, Other
Department 205A Educational Displays
Department 206A Logo Design

Fabulous 14 is all of the above except

Department 202A Fine Arts
Department 204A Homemade Wine
Department 204B Beer, Cider, Other

Want to reach your goal?

  • Start now! It’s not too early to get going and some exhibits will take a while to finish. for example, wine takes a few months to work and is better if it has longer to age.
  • Get a premium book and have it handy.The premium book comes out in July and has a list of all the divisions and what you can enter. you can pick up a current premium book at the fair office.
  • Tell a friend.It’s much more fun to share the insanity with someone else.

Past super 17 & fabulous 14 challenge winners:

  • 2007: Rhonda Permenter
  • 2008: Tarey Kay
  • 2009: Molly Kay
  • 2010: Terry Permenter and Nicholas Johnson
  • 2011: Terry Permenter and Kimberly Forster
  • 2012: Rhonda Permenter and Holley Johnson
  • 2013: Christi Rosenberger and Ainsley Nelson
  • 2014: Joanne Martinis and Sophia Paczynski
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